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Do you know the main causes of lithium battery explosion?

Mar.20.2020 101

Battery overcharge for a long time: under the condition of charging for a long time, overcharge and overcurrent will also lead to high temperature and high voltage, resulting in hidden trouble.Under special conditions of temperature, humidity and bad contact, lithium battery may discharge instantly and generate a large amount of current, spontaneous combustion or explosion.

Battery short circuit: when the mobile phone is in a state of high temperature, or by impact, metal friction, etc., the battery may short circuit, explosion.


Charging leads to battery explosion: playing with the phone while charging, charging while playing will lead to longer charging time, and charging for a long time, will cause the phone temperature rise, more likely to explode.


Charger and battery do not match: general mobile phone has the original charger.The wrong type of charger is likely to cause battery accidents.The iphone only accepts an original charger, which greatly reduces the chance that the battery will self-ignite.


Too high temperature: too high temperature refers to the battery internal heat reached the limit, long time charging, high temperature irradiation, baking are easy to cause the battery temperature too high.In the south of our country, the average family will use the electric oven in winter, many people like to warm the fire in the electric oven while playing mobile phone, so is also very dangerous.


Thermal runaway: lithium-ion batteries are at risk of exploding due to a process called thermal runaway in the battery's internal reactions.Thermal runaway is an energy positive feedback loop: rising temperatures cause the system to get hotter, which in turn makes the system hotter.The above reasons, such as battery short circuit, high ambient temperature, frequent overcharging, unauthorized modification of the shell, etc., will cause the lithium ion battery thermal control, and eventually may cause a fire or explosion.

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