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Lead Acid battery Replacement LiFePO4 battery

May.21.2020 232

Hebei Xindongli New Energy Science and Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer specializing in the development and production of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and power supply systems. Its founder has more than decade years of industry experience in the domestic battery industry, focusing on the application and supply of lithium ion, lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries along with global technical support. The company's main products are the application of rechargeable lithium batteries and the development of cascade batteries. Mainly provide customized battery packs, power supply, power system and other related value-added services. Established in 2013, our products have passed IEC, CE, BIS certification and are widely used in solar energy storage system, UPS, communication base station energy storage, low-speed electric vehicles (such as electric tricycles, electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, golf carts), yachts, fishing boats, outdoor camping power supply, auxiliary power supply of household car/car, etc. With years of design and development experience, as well as good quality control system, our company provides customers with the best battery energy storage solutions.

Xindongli New Energy lithium ion Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery pack is designed as lighter-weight, longer-lasting replacement for lead acid batteries. Based on high quality LiFePO4 cells, the battery pack delivers higher power, greater energy density and increased safety to deliver superior performance and reduced operating costs as compared to lead acid for commercial applications.

Long Life Cycle
Xindongli New Energy LiFePO4 battery delivers more than 10 times longer cycle life and five times longer float/calendar life than lead acid. Which helps to minimize the replacement costs and reduce total cost for the commercial usage.

Light Weight
The LiFePO4 battery weighs less than half of comparable lead acid batteries, providing customers with a lighter-weight solution to optimize their product design and avoid unnecessary over-sizing.

High Power
LiFePO4 battery is capable to discharge at high current rates, while maintaining high energy capacity to maximize product performance. With the same capacity, LiFePO4 works longer time than lead acid.

Stable and Safty
Xindongli New Energy LiFePO4 technology offers excellent abuse tolerance, establishing a foundation of safety at the cell level. In addition, multiple system-level of protection are employed to deliver greater durability and reliability.

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