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New features of low temperature lithium battery protection IC

Jan.15.2020 138

1. Overcurrent protection during charging: when the charger is connected to charge and the overcurrent suddenly occurs (such as the charger is damaged), the circuit shall immediately detect the overcurrent. At this time, the Cout will change from high to low, and the power MOSFET will change from on to off to achieve the protection function.V- (Vdet4 overcurrent detection voltage, Vdet4 is -0.1v) =I (charging current) XRds (on) X2

2. The lock mode: when overcharge protection IC in the overcharge protection to delay over a period of time, then MOSPET shut off power to achieve the purpose of protection, when the lithium battery voltage has been reduced to remove points (overcharge lag voltage) will return, at this time and will continue to charge - discharge protection - - charge - discharge.The safety problem of this state cannot be effectively solved. Lithium batteries will always repeat the charge-discharges, charge-discharges action, and the gate of the power MOSFET will be in the alternating state of high and low voltage repeatedly, which may heat the MOSFET and reduce battery life. Therefore, locking mode is very important.If the lithium-ion protection circuit locks when overcharge protection is detected, the MOSFET will not become hot and the safety will be much better.After overcharge protection, as long as the charger is connected to the battery pack, it will enter overcharge lock mode.At this point, the lithium battery will not be recharged even if the voltage drops. The charging and discharging state can be restored by removing the charger and connecting the load.

3. Reduce the size of protection circuit components. Integrate the delay capacitor used for overcharging and short-circuit protection into the protection IC to reduce the size of protection circuit components.

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