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What are the basic precautions for lithium battery charging?

Mar.20.2020 135

1. Avoid charging at too high a temperature


If lithium is used above the required operating temperature of 35°C, the battery's power will be continuously reduced, which means the battery will not last as long as usual.If you have to charge the device at this temperature, the damage to the battery will be even greater.Even if the battery is stored in a hot environment, the battery quality will inevitably be damaged.Therefore, keeping the operating temperature at the optimum temperature is a good way to prolong the life of lithium.


2. Avoid charging at too low temperature


If lithium battery is used in low temperature environment, that is, below 4°C, the battery life will also be found to be reduced, and the original lithium battery of some mobile phones can not even be charged in low temperature environment.But don't worry too much. This is just a temporary condition, unlike using it at high temperatures. Once the temperature rises, the molecules in the battery are heated, and the battery immediately returns to its previous charge.


3. Use it often


Life is movement.To get the most out of lithium-ion batteries, you need to use them regularly, keeping the electrons flowing.If you do not often use lithium battery, please remember to complete a charging cycle for lithium battery every month, do a power calibration, that is, deep discharge deep charge.

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