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  • Mobile power new direction: no capacity than function?

    Three years ago, few people knew about mobile power, the battery life of mobile phones was less of a concern, and there was a market for feature phones with large batteries.Now, mobile power is sometimes more important than mobile phones, because as long as people are not sleeping, there is the possibility of using mobile phones at any time.Mobile power initial competition mainly in the capacity, a larger than a capacity, a larger than a volume, seems to make you more comfortable, but after a long time will find that we do not absolutely need large capacity, and the volume is too large, very inconvenient to use.Then the second round of mobile power competition again focuses on the function, WiFi storage, wireless routing and other functions to join, enrich the configuration, but also has a new round of propaganda content, but in fact, the real use of these functions are very limited, users blindly pursue the number of functions is not the best choice.So in the future, how should mobile power supply serve users?Fashion works for womenUser segment will be the future trend of female group, it is very important to the user needs to look fashionable products, pay attention to the collocation with mobile phone products, accessories, such as iPhone5C style, or the various peculiar modelling, it will bring huge visual impact to female users, this emotional stimuli must be able to obtain very good effect on the market.In terms of functionality, female users do not have many requirements, as long as there is a capacity of 2000-4000mah is enough.Business style service for professional usersAlleged business style, basically be exterior relatively inside collect sedate, suit the product that USES in the job field quite.Mobile power is definitely needed when traveling on business, so in such a use environment, reasonable function combination can be added to the product, such as WiFi routing function, and built-in wireless storage, which are very matching.Outdoor functions such as LED torches need not be incorporated into commercial products.Portable power supply for auxiliary peripheral productsMobile power supply may not actually have to act as the lead in the peripheral, many brands has been introduced with the function of mobile power supply other products, such as the following, wireless mouse, etc., it is also a very good development direction, after all, there are still a lot of users are looking for multi-function products, even without the 100% of the demand, more than one function is also good.The future mobile power supply must be a market segment competition, and is to be subdivided according to the user, mobile power supply in a sense also belongs to consumables, the market potential is very huge, and the technical threshold is relatively low, so the requirements for product design and positioning is higher.

  • Do you know the main causes of lithium battery explosion?

    Battery overcharge for a long time: under the condition of charging for a long time, overcharge and overcurrent will also lead to high temperature and high voltage, resulting in hidden trouble.Under special conditions of temperature, humidity and bad contact, lithium battery may discharge instantly and generate a large amount of current, spontaneous combustion or explosion.Battery short circuit: when the mobile phone is in a state of high temperature, or by impact, metal friction, etc., the battery may short circuit, explosion. Charging leads to battery explosion: playing with the phone while charging, charging while playing will lead to longer charging time, and charging for a long time, will cause the phone temperature rise, more likely to explode. Charger and battery do not match: general mobile phone has the original charger.The wrong type of charger is likely to cause battery accidents.The iphone only accepts an original charger, which greatly reduces the chance that the battery will self-ignite. Too high temperature: too high temperature refers to the battery internal heat reached the limit, long time charging, high temperature irradiation, baking are easy to cause the battery temperature too high.In the south of our country, the average family will use the electric oven in winter, many people like to warm the fire in the electric oven while playing mobile phone, so is also very dangerous. Thermal runaway: lithium-ion batteries are at risk of exploding due to a process called thermal runaway in the battery's internal reactions.Thermal runaway is an energy positive feedback loop: rising temperatures cause the system to get hotter, which in turn makes the system hotter.The above reasons, such as battery short circuit, high ambient temperature, frequent overcharging, unauthorized modification of the shell, etc., will cause the lithium ion battery thermal control, and eventually may cause a fire or explosion.

  • Daily maintenance of electric car lithium battery tips, do you understand?

    After the implementation of the new national standard for electric vehicles, lithium battery, as a new type of energy storage battery, is gradually replacing the traditional lead-acid battery.Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have many advantages such as high energy ratio, small size, light weight, environmental protection and no memory effect.With the prevalence of lithium battery, its daily maintenance also affects the hearts of countless consumers.What should daily maintenance of lithium battery pay attention to?The charger must match.The charger should be fully matched with the lithium battery, and lead acid battery charger should not be used directly. Excessive current of the charger will break down the lithium battery protection system and cause short circuit, thus causing safety accidents of lithium battery.The voltage of the charger is too low, making the charging efficiency low and consuming too much time.Master the correct charging method.Connect the charger to the battery pack first, and then connect the charger plug to the 220V ac power supply. According to this connection sequence, electric sparks can be avoided when plugging and unplugging the charging plug.The charger shows a red light when the power is on.Keep in mind the light charge.The basic principle to follow when using lithium batteries is light charging and light discharging, that is, to charge in a timely manner, do not wait until the battery is almost dead to recharge, to ensure that the battery voltage is maintained in a stable state.Deep discharge (more than 90% of capacity) and recharging can easily damage the battery.When a lithium electric vehicle is not in use, the power should be turned off in time, or the battery pack from the battery stand out.Because the motor and controller will still consume power in the no-load state.In particular, when long-term parking, it is best to conduct a similar "activation" charge and discharge every month, so as to avoid the occurrence of battery electrode passivation, damage to the electrode structure, and then affect the battery life.Avoid contact with metal contacts, so as to avoid metal objects touching the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, resulting in short circuit and damage to the battery;Do not knock, prick, trample, refit, insolation battery at the same time, lest cause danger.For the daily travel of electric vehicles, daily maintenance do not ignore yo!

  • New features of low temperature lithium battery protection IC

    1. Overcurrent protection during charging: when the charger is connected to charge and the overcurrent suddenly occurs (such as the charger is damaged), the circuit shall immediately detect the overcurrent. At this time, the Cout will change from high to low, and the power MOSFET will change from on to off to achieve the protection function.V- (Vdet4 overcurrent detection voltage, Vdet4 is -0.1v) =I (charging current) XRds (on) X22. The lock mode: when overcharge protection IC in the overcharge protection to delay over a period of time, then MOSPET shut off power to achieve the purpose of protection, when the lithium battery voltage has been reduced to remove points (overcharge lag voltage) will return, at this time and will continue to charge - discharge protection - - charge - discharge.The safety problem of this state cannot be effectively solved. Lithium batteries will always repeat the charge-discharges, charge-discharges action, and the gate of the power MOSFET will be in the alternating state of high and low voltage repeatedly, which may heat the MOSFET and reduce battery life. Therefore, locking mode is very important.If the lithium-ion protection circuit locks when overcharge protection is detected, the MOSFET will not become hot and the safety will be much better.After overcharge protection, as long as the charger is connected to the battery pack, it will enter overcharge lock mode.At this point, the lithium battery will not be recharged even if the voltage drops. The charging and discharging state can be restored by removing the charger and connecting the load.3. Reduce the size of protection circuit components. Integrate the delay capacitor used for overcharging and short-circuit protection into the protection IC to reduce the size of protection circuit components.

  • Low temperature resistance lithium iron phosphate battery features

    Are lithium batteries afraid of low temperatures?Low temperature resistance lithium iron phosphate battery features.As we all know, low temperature environment will have a certain impact on the battery performance of electric vehicles.Low temperature is an obstacle to the promotion of electric vehicles in the great north of China and the high cold regions, and it is also a heart disease of power battery enterprises. To overcome the low temperature resistance of power lithium iron phosphate battery packs has been one of the key efforts of the industry.At present, there are two kinds of battery technologies for electric vehicles in the market, namely terpolymer lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate battery.No matter what kind of battery technology, there are battery performance degradation in low temperature environment.It is an objective fact that the battery performance is affected by the temperature. As an electric car user, we cannot completely avoid this problem at this stage.However, from the perspective of use, we can minimize the impact of low temperature environment on the electrical performance.Lithium battery for low temperature electric vehicleLithium battery for low temperature electric vehicleAt present, most electric vehicles on the market will be designed with battery "insulation" function.The simple understanding is that when the battery temperature is too low, the battery management system will take part of the electricity into heat, for the whole lithium battery pack to heat.If the vehicle is not used for a long time, low temperature will lead to performance degradation of lithium battery components, which is not conducive to extending its service life.The characteristics of lithium battery pack in low temperature environment will significantly decline, the voltage and capacity will be much smaller, generally in 10 degrees below the lithium battery will be abnormal performance, so a good system will have a thermal insulation function to prevent lithium battery in low temperature work, causing adverse effects.  

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