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  • 24v 100ah lithium iron phosphate battery for telcom base station backup power

    24v 100ah lithium ion battery pack for telcom base station backup powerDue to the substantial increase of 5G base stations and the doubling of power consumption of the stations, as well as the trend of miniaturization and lightening of 5G base stations, battery energy storage systems with higher energy density are required. Therefore, lithium iron phosphate batteries are mostly used as backup power supply, and it is an inevitable trend for lithium iron phosphate to replace lead acid.

  • Introduction of AGV car lithium battery

    AGV battery is the international advanced level of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) power battery system. With high energy density, long cycle life, excellent charge and discharge performance, good temperature performance, is a new generation of high security and high reliability of the green power supply.This series of batteries is the use of the latest development of the battery management system (BMS), specifically for mobile mechanical equipment, online charging and wireless charging and design and production of power batteries, with advanced battery self-management, communication, alarm and short-term fast charge Complete function.Product Features● Excellent charge and discharge overvoltage and undervoltage protection● provide analog output AO, SOC analog output 0 ~ 5V, user-friendly power monitoringNote: SOC can only be used as a reference, can not be used as a decision.● Provides a highly efficient passive equalization system● Charge / discharge are all with short circuit insurance● Panel LED power, system status display● Rich interface, through the digital IO and 485 interface to achieve information exchange● professional industrial design and material selection, sustainable work in the harsh industrial environment● support high-power charge and discharge, to meet the needs of a variety of different industrial conditions● wide temperature working environment conditions, -20 degrees -60 degrees● small size

  • Lithium batteries for Automated Guided Vehicles

    What is the best AGV Battery type? Lithium batteries for Automated Guided Vehicles  Lithium batteries are more and more used in the AGV industry. There are several reasons why Lithium batteries are acquiring market share.Advantages of Lithium batteries for the AGV industry compared with FLA or GEL and AGM batteriesLonger cycle timeFor a given depth of discharge (DOD), Lithium batteries grant more recharging cycles so more life.So, if you always discharge the AGV battery to 50% of its capacity, SLA (GEL/AGM) had around 1500-1800 recharging cycles lifetime. With the same 50% DOD, the Lithium battery lasts for 5000 cycles.Deepest Depth of Discharge (DOD)As explained before, in order to have a good cycle life for an AGM or GEL battery you should keep DOD close to 40%-50%. It means that if you have a 100 Ah battery you can use around 40 or 50 Ah before you need to recharge.Lithium batteries can handle DOD of 80% maintaining excellent battery life (still close to 2500 cycles).With the same 100 Ah battery, you can use 80 Ah before you need to recharge. It means more time availability for your AGV to perform missions rather than “losing” time for recharging.Lithium batteries Efficiency is higherLithium batteries are more efficient. Lithium batteries efficiency is near 95% while in Lead batteries such AGM or GEL, it is close to 80-85%.  Roughly, it means that if you charge 1 kwatt, a lithium battery losses around 50 watts (you really get 950 watts).Lead battery instead, loses 15-20%, it means that you will need more time to fully charge your AGM/GEL battery.Lithium batteries charge rate is fasterWhile charging, you can pump more Amperes/hour without compromising battery life, so again, you can charge battery much faster.In AGM/GEL batteries you needed around 4-5 hours to charge from 60% to 100%. With lithium you only need close to 1,5 hours.This feature is essential for AGV systems with opportunity charging.With Lithium batteries you should only need 10% of AGV time, it means that your AGVs are available more time for performing missions and transporting materials.Higher Energy DensityMore energy available in a given volume. In other words, the same power and less weight or the same weight and more power.We can consider that the energy density in Lithium batteries is three times higher than in the lead batteries.

  • Electric car lithium battery use "three don't"

    Electric car because of its advantages of light and convenient, by the majority of office workers, treasure mother's favor, lithium battery is the key component of electric car, electric car lithium battery in the daily use of the "three do not", today xin power small make up to share with you:1, electric car lithium battery do not use in extreme temperature: lithium battery internal materials such as diaphragm, electrolyte are organic materials, melting point boiling point is low;If the temperature is too high, a series of negative chemical reactions will occur in the battery, seriously affecting the battery life and even the safety performance.At low temperature, the conductivity of the battery key materials, such as the positive electrode, the negative electrode and the electrolyte, decreases, leading to the decrease of the conductivity and shortening the battery life.Two, electric car lithium battery do not charge and discharge large current: for example, the 18650 battery is 3C discharge, electric car motor is 8000W, with a battery lower than your electric car discharge current, this will lead to lithium battery temperature is too high, the current is too large and shorten the battery life, will also bulge scrap.If your electric car is very powerful and fast, it is recommended to choose the 18650 cell with 1C current, so it is very important to choose the right cell.Three, electric lithium battery don't full of electricity storage: electricity is 4.35 V, the ternary lithium batteries with protective plate are currently on the market by charging 4.2 V, so a lot of people buy electric lithium battery all say no nominal capacity is much, in fact, it is for this reason, generally long time storage electric lithium battery, battery charge 50% of the electricity is the best.Many new phones run on 50% power.If the full charge is stored for a long time, the lithium battery capacity will be reduced.Except for lithium iron phosphate and lithium titanate, which can be stored at full charge.In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of good quality protection plate, lithium battery the biggest taboo is overcharge and overput, daily use must pay attention to.

  • Six common problems in the use of lithium-ion batteries in electric cars

    In the past two years, the lithium battery industry is on the rise, electric bicycles also like a fish in water.Electric vehicle lithium battery failure generally has the following five points, overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, charging imbalance and environmental temperature impact battery life.Therefore, electric car lithium battery in the daily use of attention, the following xin power xiaobian to introduce you to the use of electric car lithium battery in the process of a few common problems:I. lithium batteries cannot be rechargedElectric car lithium battery charging, there are several reasons: charger connected backwards or charger fault;Failure of protection plate or failure of protection plate;The battery pack short-circuited with the outside of the appliance.Solve the above problems in turn: charger is connected to the reverse, battery pack charging positive and negative plug is connected to the reverse;Restart the electric appliance to remove the protection plate, and measure whether the protection plate MOS tube has driving voltage;Check if the connection is loose and disconnected.Lithium batteries cannot dischargeElectric car lithium battery can not discharge normally when using, there are several reasons: lithium battery voltage protection plate or controller protection;Damage of protection plate or controller;The positive and negative electrodes of discharge are connected inversely;The line is disconnected or the switch is not on.The above problems can be solved by charging lithium batteries, looking for protection plate or line connection. Three, lithium battery charge dissatisfactionIn the recycling process of electric vehicle lithium battery, charging stops before reaching the cut-off voltage of lithium battery.This situation is due to the single series of lithium battery power or capacity is inconsistent, high power or low capacity of the first full, the protection of the protection plate so that other series of battery power is not full to stop the charging process.In this case, an equalizing charger can be used to recharge the lithium battery so that the voltage of each series is consistent.But the most important is that before the battery assembly must be carried out on the battery cell capacity detection and matching capacity, otherwise it is very troublesome to reassemble a single string of outdated.4. Short enduranceElectric car lithium battery life is very short, the reasons for this situation: the battery is not fully charged;The voltage capacity of single series varies greatly.The battery pack short circuit or lithium battery self-discharge large cause the battery pack just full of power is used up.To solve the above problems, the lithium battery can be recharged or replace the defective cell.Five, lithium battery voltage is inconsistentElectric lithium battery is made up of more than batteries through a combination of series and parallel, high consistency requirements for batteries, although made pair of batteries, lithium battery manufacturer but lithium-ion battery pack in a long period of time in use process can produce each string because the error of the battery and battery voltage, caused the entire group output energy of the battery pack, power suddenly appear in use, the sharp drop, filling with electricity, can't let all this problem.Ambient temperatureLithium battery has high requirements for the use of the environment, the temperature is too high or too low, will enhance the lithium battery self-discharge rate, especially high temperature will greatly shorten the battery life.

  • Why are lithium-ion batteries in electric cars becoming less and less durable

    Many businesses and electric car users may feel that today's batteries are not as durable as they used to be, which can run for three years, and many electric cars do not even need to replace the battery for life.Generally speaking, the quality of electric car batteries should be getting better and better, but why do people feel that batteries are less and less durable?1. It's not that the battery is bad, but it's more environmentally friendly.Most electric vehicle batteries (lead-acid) produced before 2013 are added with cadmium and arsenic, and plate alloy with cadmium and arsenic, which can improve the performance of the plate, increase the plate strength, increase the crystal density of the plate, more corrosion resistance, but also improve the hydrogen potential, the battery is not easy to lose water, thus extending the service life and improving the stability.But cadmium and arsenic pose serious health risks.After 2014, according to the "access conditions for lead battery industry" formulated by the ministry of industry and information technology, the ministry of environmental protection and industry associations, etc., it is clearly stipulated that the existing lead battery with cadmium content higher than 0.002% or arsenic content higher than 0.1% and its lead-containing parts production capacity should be eliminated before December 31, 2013.Various battery enterprise strictly abide by the regulations of the state in 2014, after the battery is in line with national standards for production, cadmium, arsenic content in the battery under strict control, and even in some enterprise, fully battery without cadmium, arsenic, objectively said without cadmium can cause the service life of the battery and stability has a certain decline, but from a long-term perspective to the development of the country: not the battery is not good, but more environmental protection batteries.2. It's not that the battery is bad, but that the battery pressure is greater.Many said the battery before long, before the electric power of the small, tires, electric light weight, so the electric power, natural and run far, there is another important reason is that many of them are with the batteries before a group of section 3, natural than it is now a group of 4, 5 better stability, consistency is easier to control.Today's electric cars run fast, with motors of 500 watts, 800 watts or more.Big tires, steady, cool;The bulbs are vacuumed, and some even retrofit hernia lamps.The car is better quality, heavier than before, the battery is more stressful, the environment is worse, so the battery runs faster.

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